Friday, 20 January 2012

YANO - Jan '12


- Shellac/gel nail , nothing more annoying than chipping nail polish and having to reapply every few days! Say yes to proper industrial (almost) nails that last upto 2 weeks.
- Chinese New Year ! Spending time with family, days of eating good food and recieving lucky money! :P Whats not to like? NOTHING.
- 20% off student discount shopping atm, girls get shopping this weekend before it ends, the shops that I know are doing this atm are Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge.


- When somethings limited edition and no longer availible apart from on ebay for 3 times the original price. Not cool.
- Even worse when im still contemplating buying it... (must not! must not! must not!)
- Overly foamy toothpastes, I mean whats with that? It feels weird in the mouth and not cool if your brushing your teeth infront of your partner/friends/family.  Looking like some sort of rabies infected creature was only mildly attractive/amusing when we were in nursery!
- Nautical trend.  I mean seriously? This trend comes back every year without fail for spring/summer gets really old and repetitive. (Dont hold this against me when im sporting a nautical themed number in the summer please haha).  I think actually this only annoys me because its like forcing summer upon us even though its still winter jacket + wellies weather, just rub it in our faces that we cant prance around in short shorts and sailor hats! (not that I own a sailer hat...)

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