Friday, 13 January 2012

Meet me halfway!

Phewwww, I think I shall revert back to my usual style blog posts for the time being. Much easier and much more my style.  So looking at the title im sure those that follow my blog regularly can probably guess what this will be about.  HALFWAY THERE BABY! Ooooh la la! Finally after what seems like ages (yes, I know its only been a few weeks for real) I am halfway through my project 10 pan. 

Finished these badboys up.  (some im glad to throw in the bin, others will be a repurchase in the future)

1. Clarins: Rouge Prodige lipstick in 122 Nude. This product took me a while to actually FINISH because I bought another of the exact same seeing as i loved it soooo much haha.  The second tube i am actually more than halfway through too, wouldnt surprise me if it features later on in the pan project.  Retails for £21 I think, its the best nude lipstick ive come across, doesnt make you look too washed out but opaque enough to cover your own lipcolour if its like mine and naturally quite flushed looking.

2. Shu Uemura Cleasing Oil.  The brightening edition, this is the popular asian targeted version of the cleaning oils by this brand because it gently exfoliates ( I didnt actually notice any of this btw but this is what its said to do) therefore brightening and whitening (and we all know all asisan love anything that says whitening haha).  Not sure if I would repurchase this, definitely one of the better cleaning oils as it didnt break me out and leave me with a film on skin, after washing skin feels really soft , clean and the whole cleansing process is quite luxurious haha.  However at £28 a bottle (which fair enough did last me 6 months with regular use approx 4 times a week) is quite pricey and it didnt WOW me enough I dont think.

3. VO5 Miracle Concentrate; elixir with Argan Oil.  Now, if you are a regular youtube beauty guru watcher or blog reader you probably have heard about this mysterious Argon Oil thats been discovered to be multi functional and great for hair so decided to give this a try.  Have to say really impressed for roughly £5 I paid lasted me around 3 months and leaves ends feeling soft and less damaged. Definitely would repurchase.

4. Dermologica; Multi active Toner.  Basically one word which describes this product. MEEH. Does its job as a toner, no real effects noticed (but then again I never notice much effect from a toner) so did just use it up, the spray bottle top is also very handy.  However Dermologica products are quite pricey and I wouldnt pay for it as it basically did as much as Botanics toner would do minus the spray top bottle and about a tenth of the price.

5. Burberry Brit eau de parfum.  Finally finished this badboy! Sad to see it go though and if I spot it in sale on the future I would repurchase seeing as it smells so different and unlike everything else I own. =]

So happy ive got 5 out the way, I am also on the ends of at least two other products I can think of off the top of my head so I cant wait to have this 10 pan done!  Once its done I shall be getting my hands on the Naked2 palette! Kills me that everyone has it and is playing with it already!

x x x

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