Monday, 9 January 2012

Paused for a thought

So... I dont really know how to start this blogpost, its alot harder when it comes to writing a blog post in a diary form than it does in an informative beauty related way. Just gonna jump right into it before I stop myself.

In high school me and my then best friend would always talk about "the stages" which were basically several stages that you go through in life (which during high school time always of course related to either liking someone or breaking up with someone), funnily enough those stages actually fit in to so many things in life than those we used them for.  However for today, I can be back as a school girl and pretend that this is the only worry in my life. 

During a break up girls can take to it in many different ways and go through different stages.  The main ones I've figured or noticed are as follows :

- the dreaded emo whom just basically cries all the time, moans all the time, begs to be taken back all the time, general clingyness.  This one actually probably comes out for both guys and girls when alcohol is involved.
- the party animal, which is self explanitary, basically drinking away all emotions, constantly meeting other member of the opposite (or same) in order to feel okay about themselves, wanted, attractive etc.
- the turtle, whom will choose to deal with such a horrible time alone, perhaps locked in his/her room with many sad movies/dramas to keep them amused and away from reality.
- the lazy one, which by lazy I dont mean do  nothing (that would be turtle). Lazy as in would let themselves go , in the sense that they would stop making the effort about themselves, wouldnt care less about how they look as they probably couldnt care less and dont feel like they will meet someone else anyway.
- the optimistic faker, again says it all in the name.. will perhaps indulge in some retail therapy, makeovers, haircuts etc to become a new person and try and look better than before in order to 'get back' on their ex, in a 'look at what your missing out on' kind of way haha.  Cue new cam whoring pictures, new clothes, new looks etc.

Now looking back at all of those different stages I can see I have basically listed all mine at once, I am them all.  Its weird how I can switch between one and the other so easily actually.  Im not gonna lie I am rather scared about the lazy one , I know im lazy because the other day when I was going to bed I was thinking to myself 'Can I be bothered going to get the carmex from accross the room' then decided I couldnt and justified it with 'Im not gna be kissing anybody anytime soon anyway'.   Since that night I've been more cautious about not letting myself go completely, i.e I dont wanna become a girl with you know super long hairy legs and think its ok haha. 

As for all the other stages, I hope I can move on from them all.  This post is just to let those whom care to check my blog know that Im okay.  I am all of the above, you will probably meet one of the above, but I am okay. =]

Im an optimistic person, cup half full kind of girl so I will be optimistic about the future.  I do believe whats ment to happen will happen in its course, whether that be one thing or another im just gonna let it happen.  Sorry in advance to those who have/will have to deal with the emo, I am trying my hardest to not be that but sometimes (and its normal) I cant help it.  Also to those who are also heartbroken at the moment, your definitely not alone.

x x x

p.s One of my new years resolutions was to make more effort to see friends and family that Ive perhaps neglected, I made this before me and my boyfriend broke up, but it really seems appropriate now.  So if I call you soon to meetup, don't worry im not going to cry and moan about my breakup, I just want to spend some time with you!

p.p.s I just wanna say girls/boys put on these stages in order to get them through a hard time.  Don't judge, even if you have 'heard the story' its different being in the situation so don't judge others for suddenly being weird.  We all have to act like a different person sometimes to give ourselves time off and time to escape reality for a moment.


  1. Aaaw, Denise :[ Chin up! Time heals all really... Hope things look up for you =] xxxx

  2. A mixture of the turtle, lazy and party person.

    I'm lazy as it is. But as lazy as I am, I DO end up putting my makeup when I go out. I DO shave my legs in the end hahaha.

    Turtle, because I won't be arsed going out, cba going out because I'm lazy. And that i cba putting makeup on so i spend time at home doing things and watching dramas. (Relating back to the lazy person) Not necessary sad ones.

    Party - I've never seen myself as a party animal. I do go out a lot to some people, but hey, I like drinking as it is. And nowadays there is literally nothing to do but drink.

    Y'know what, what i said is totally pointless. This is who i was when I was in a relationship and since the break, still the same person.
    Just a fyi - comment =D

    lols how i managed to make the post all about me lolololols.

    But hey, cheer up love - time will sort it all out.
    xx <3

    p.s waiting for your call. =]