Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Not long to W-Eight..

Not long to WAIT! haha did you guys like my pun? Sorry to those whom those it was weight related, sadly I dont have anything to report there haha!

Basically this is another update on my project 10 pan! Enjoy!

Thats right, 3 more products closer to 10. Total 7 now! Actually so happy!!!

6. Aussie Luscious Long leave-in conditioner.  Basically a definite staple for me! De-tangles and is a heat protectant = a win-win situation! Smells great aswel! My hair gets really tangly really easy so this is great after a shower.
7. Cosmoses eyebrow pencil.  This is a korean branded cosmetic I bought whilst I was in Hong Kong in the summer, purchased from Sasa.  It retails at $24 which in pounds is like £2! So much cheaper than any eyebrow pencil in the uk.  The most important part however is the fact that its the best eyebrow pencil ive used.  I have tried different products in the past for filling in eyebrows, such as eyebrow powders, gels, pencils, or like this one the auto khol pencils.  Thankfully a friend of mine bought me another two while she was in HK recently! ^__^ dont hv to be eyebrow-less haha
8. Time Delay, anti age spot serum.  Basically the only serums I use are for whitening, radiance and general evening out of the skin tone.  I only use serums for the purpose of fading old scars.  This product is not amazing, Ive not noticed a major difference (or any difference at all) but its a lovely texture and non greasy. 

So happy that I dont have long to go till I can splurge!

hows your 10 pan coming along? :)

x x x 

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