Monday, 21 November 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2!

So here's the pictures ive come across for the rumoured second naked palette (nothings on the urban decay website atm)

New palette

Half Baked (permanent; also in original Naked Palette)
Chopper (permanent)
Suspect (repromote)
Verve (repromote)
YDK (permanent)
Blackout (repromote)

Original vs New

Urban Decay have announced that a new naked palette is due to be released soon, but theres been no official pictures or anything from them on the website :/

I got all this info here..

Just from some people discussing about the topic, go on and read what the others have said if your interested =]

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Random rambleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

As the title suggests this is just a random quick blog post of a few pictures and thoughts I have here and there that I wanted to share =]

Its getting pretty cold outside and for the first time since the early months of this year (namely January, February time) I had to dig out my winter jacket :) which I am totally not complaining about because I love my good old navy winter coat haha.  Ive been looking around for another winter jacket (one never seems enough :/ .. just me? ) or a new leather jacket... or just wanting to buy anything new in general haha, feels like ive not bought any new clothes for a while =[

Anyways rambling on, tis my last week of lectures for this semester this week and im trying hard to make all my classes and be a good girl! Can't believe thats a semester passed so quick, before we know it the second semester will also be away and gone soon! I finish up pretty late and my last exams on the 20th (also my mothers birthday) then the next few days uptill christmas you will probably see me working lots of overtime in Boots.  Not that im complaining, as I love my pay slip after christmas! =P

Heres a quick photo of the day, sporting my mustard yellow shirt!
Ive been totally loving this colour for Autumn and gonna be well sad to say goodbye to all my mustard coloured clothing as winter crunches on. Bye bye yellow and hello creams, whites and reds.

Probably gonna do a blog post next on my autumn favourites! Because then I can show everyone my love for the colours mustard yellow and the deep red burgandy colour (jst painted my nails that colour yesterday actually :P haha). Keep meaning to do this blog post, its just finding the time to picture all the different clothing :/

A quick thank you to my best bud who just recently came back from Hong Kong and brought me back some goodies ^___^

A Vivi magazine and my holy grail bb cream ! He also got me some other bits and pieces aswel that arent with me to take a picture of! Much thanks! <3

Anyways must crack on with some revision! Dont know why im determined to revise tonight, even though im not feeling too well and heads all stuffy, just really wanna get some revision in! Wish me luck y'all! =]

Just thought all my white gadgets looked so pretty together so had to share! haha.

Bye guys! Thanks for dropping bye ^___~

x x x

P.S been totally loving this new game on my ipod touch called "hanging with friends" its a free download and kinda like scrabble! been hooked haha! All those with Iphones, smartphones etc look into it! Promise you will be hooked in no time.

P.P.S Don't know why coloured pens make it so much easier for me to revise?

P.P.P.S Just wanted to have a quick rave about the new Benefit "They're Real" mascara! Onto backup tube now!

P.P.P.P.S New Urban Decay Naked Palette II is coming sooon! soooo excited for this!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My face - day

Here's a post for the girls (and guys that are interested in this too haha) just thought I would share my 'go-to' face products for you.  I only ever really use either one of these products when im getting ready, either my bb cream or this foundation.  Here's why I've chosen these products as my holy grail face products..

Dr Jart BB cream : The rise of bb creams has been frantic and now with European brands bringing out their own versions and trying to jump on the bandwagon.  Tbh I think its too late, well in terms of their products they are already a few years late and thats a major disadvantage.  Where the asian brands are already bringing out bb creams with many different functions and properties, the UK brands are still at basics, and those that know anything about bb creams will know and be disappointed by the performance of the UK ones. 

I've tried a fair amount of bb creams in the past 2 years or so and finally found one that im really happy with! I'm really glad ive finally found 'the one' haha because it gets quite annoying and expensive trying different ones, especially when in the UK its not easy to get a hold of the asian brands, always takes weeks of shipping and extra money for postage =/

So 'the one' for me is this one by the brand Dr Jart.  I first heard of this from a youtube beauty guru with the username Stylesuzi.  She raved on about it in many videos and so I knew when I was in HK for the summer I needed to get my hands on it, and i did.  Bought it in Sasa for around $230 which is like £20, I think thats not bad for a face product, especially when i've been using mine like 5 days out of 7 since August and I still have a good 1/3 of the tube left. So when you think of it as £20 for a face product which lasts half a year its actually quite good value for money.

What made it better than the other bb creams I have previously used is the coverage, the coverage was alot better and as long as i set it with some sort of powder I feel it does stay on my face longer than the other bb creams ive tried.  I also think it has helped with evening any skin discolourations (mind you, dont expect miracles haha ) ever so slightly.

Heres a picture of the packaging and a swatch for you guys.

Just a simple tube packaging, obviously a pump would have been more convenient and hygienic but nothings perfect!

Heres a swatch of when I first put the bb cream on the hand. 

Note: the rest of the hand has red patches on the skin (i was cold haha)

Note II:  I know the colour there looks scary and too pale, but bb creams do normally come in only one or two shades (generally quite light) but they then oxidise and will go darker and look more natural on skin.  I wouldnt really recommend using bb creams on darker skin tones though, as the colour range for bb breams is quite small and will be hard to find a colour to suit yourself.

This is a picture after I rubbed the bb cream into the skin.
Note: skin tone is more even and the red areas concealed.

Hope this has helped those that want to try out bb creams! I have used many other bb creams and would also recommend the skin 79 ones, they are less expensive aswel for those on a budget!

I will hopefully get another blog post up soon talking about my 'go-to' foundation of choice when I need higher coverage and when I know its going to be a long day or special occasions =].

x x x

Rings combination of the moment!

Some of you may know/have noticed, I have a crazy obsession with rings (toned down recently as ive been skint =[ ) but yeah I went through a phase in the past of like buying a new ring every week! haha.  For one of my rings that I wanted soo so so badly I even went to like every single topshop I could to try and track it down!  I went to Edinburgh Princes Street, Ocean Terminal, Livingston, Glasgow fort, Buchanan Galleries and crazily I travelled down to Newcastle to look aswel haha. I know, I know .. im crazy.. and the worst part was I still couldnt even find it after all that! haha I found pretty much the exact same ring in Dorothy Perkins though lol.

So yeah back to what this post is actually all about, its just a very quick post just to show you all what ring combination ive been wearing on my hands recently.

Left hand:  Grandad/mafia ring from Miss Selfridge.

Right hand:  My Harry Potter ring (just looks like something out of HP lol, bought from ASOS), my couple ring on the bottom of my middle finger and my angel wing ring on top (both from HK).

Ring storage box, decored myself.  Heres most of my rings, i say most because I always end up losing rings everywhere haha.

My favourite rings of all time =]

Mint green ring: Miss Selfridge (love the colour!)
long gold ring:  The ring featured in the story above that i searched high and low for haha
Harry Potter ring: ASOS
Bunny ring: ASOS
Couple ring: Mong kwok Hong Kong

Theres also one other ring which is my favourite but I couldnt find it :S =[

x x x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Week ending 12th November

A week today was bonfires night! I did go and watch a firework display and it was soooo pretty! Im so glad I did go watch the small display (already missed first half haha) and finale!

The only good picture I got on the night, its surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of fireworks in the sky with a crappy camera (taken on Ipod touch).

Its a sad day when you plan to go shopping and intend on spending some money, but then you come home with three "not fun" products. To me I had in mind of buying a new winter jacket, new clothes or even some new expensive makeup or skincare product lol.  Instead I left Edinburgh Fort with these three necessity products. 

Side note: Just to say how much I love the Aussie hair products! They were on offer for BOGOF (buy one get one free) in Superdrug! =]  AND AND AND they have brought out these new bigger bottled shampoos and conditioners (as pictured above).  As I was buying the bigger bottles I got them both for £5.99 which is quite a good deal I think.

As for the Elnett hairspray, this is a good buy for those that don't like the "granny smell" from the original Elnett.  The one actually just smells like a normal hair product kinda smell but is just as good as the original.

Had to resort to sleeping pills to sleep at the start of this week (and may be on them tonight too) to help me sleep.  I actually don't know what it is =/ but I get tired and feel sleepy, but then I get into bed and can't actually fall asleep.  It gets sooooo frustrating!
These are just for short term use though so I won't be using them when it can be avoided!

My boyfriend also bought me the new Justin Bieber perfume called "Someday" haha. To the JB fans its obviously going to smell amazing as JB says its for "his fans that he can't get enough of" (i,e me!) and the proceeds actually go to charity!
So... what's not to like? It smells nice , sweet and flowery AND your money goes to charity!

When I was wearing this at work the other day I actually got so many compliments and people asking me what perfume I had on. Obviously I was cheesing and tempted to say it was my natural aroma.. but I stopped myself haha.

Last but not least, this week I have started watching this drama again! Ive seen it before in the past, but really wanted to watch it again and im already hooked after watching 9 episodes or so! Me and my boyfriend finished watching another drama (the one where Raymond Lam is a super cool, geeky guy called Professor King) and wanted to move onto something else, so here it is !

This drama is sooo tense, even from the start lol can't wait till it gets even better!

Hope everyone else has had a good week!
x x x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Chuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Just some pictures of my Pikachu onesie which I LOVE! <3

You know that way when people ask "which is your favourite Pokemon?" and then someone replies "Pikachu" you just automatically think... yeah, right, you just can't name any other ones. lol

Buuuut, I do actually love Pikachu best! And I can name other pokemon actually... charizard, squirtle, *insert many others* and meow! =P haha

x x x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

My week in pictures.

To sum up my week with pictures...

Had a night in with my boyfriend trying out our baking skills. Made some cupcakes with butter icing, and a gingerbread family.
Can anyone spot the Justin Bieber gingerbread man? =P

Me and my siy low Sam being our usual nooby selfs when we are in contact with any photo taking device haha !
Such gays!

Last but not least, this picture is to represent my assignment deadline I had for Tuesday (yes, the day after Halloween, hence why I did not dress up or do anything fun).

But really this picture was taken in one of my lectures, sums it up for you, I eat skittle and play around with my phone in my lectures haha!

x x x

P.S  Justin Bieber's christmas album came out this week! All the money made from this album goes to charity so show some love y'all!
P.P.S  Feel like a bit of a bad guy saying the above when I havent bought it yet... ONLY because my ipod has no memory left ( >____<) but i will be making space for it. Obviously.

Im still waiting on my Hogwarts letter that got lost in the post...

Yes. I am.  To take the matters into my own hands however im gonna apparate there myself. 
Those that believed me there clearly aren't a real fan of Harry Potter.  You can't apparate into Hogwarts... DUH! (unless your Dumbledore, but thats another story for another post). 

So... I'm going to have to go the muggle way and travel all the way down using muggle transport and muggle ways.

"People the world-over have been enchanted by the Harry Potter films for nearly a decade. The wonderful special effects and amazing creatures have made this iconic series beloved to both young and old – and now, for the first time, the doors are going to be opened for everyone at the studio where it first began. You'll have the chance to go behind-the-scenes and see many things the camera never showed. From breathtakingly detailed sets to stunning costumes, props and animatronics, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides a unique showcase of the extraordinary British artistry, technology and talent that went into making the most successful film series of all time.

Secrets will be revealed" 
(Taken from Warner Bro studio tour website)

Anyone want to accompany me? you know you want to.
Adult tickets (16+) = £28 

Availible to enter from 18th April 2012!  Plenty time to start saving for the train/plane/petrol money you need!  No excuses.

Lets get a big group trip down to Hogwarts! pretty pretty pretty please!

x x x

P.s YES, my background for my blogpost is this because it looks like the scripts of paper they use in Harry Potter (and also kind of because I have no idea how to work around this blog thing yet, so this will suffice for now haha)