Thursday, 3 November 2011

My week in pictures.

To sum up my week with pictures...

Had a night in with my boyfriend trying out our baking skills. Made some cupcakes with butter icing, and a gingerbread family.
Can anyone spot the Justin Bieber gingerbread man? =P

Me and my siy low Sam being our usual nooby selfs when we are in contact with any photo taking device haha !
Such gays!

Last but not least, this picture is to represent my assignment deadline I had for Tuesday (yes, the day after Halloween, hence why I did not dress up or do anything fun).

But really this picture was taken in one of my lectures, sums it up for you, I eat skittle and play around with my phone in my lectures haha!

x x x

P.S  Justin Bieber's christmas album came out this week! All the money made from this album goes to charity so show some love y'all!
P.P.S  Feel like a bit of a bad guy saying the above when I havent bought it yet... ONLY because my ipod has no memory left ( >____<) but i will be making space for it. Obviously.

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