Monday, 21 November 2011

Random rambleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

As the title suggests this is just a random quick blog post of a few pictures and thoughts I have here and there that I wanted to share =]

Its getting pretty cold outside and for the first time since the early months of this year (namely January, February time) I had to dig out my winter jacket :) which I am totally not complaining about because I love my good old navy winter coat haha.  Ive been looking around for another winter jacket (one never seems enough :/ .. just me? ) or a new leather jacket... or just wanting to buy anything new in general haha, feels like ive not bought any new clothes for a while =[

Anyways rambling on, tis my last week of lectures for this semester this week and im trying hard to make all my classes and be a good girl! Can't believe thats a semester passed so quick, before we know it the second semester will also be away and gone soon! I finish up pretty late and my last exams on the 20th (also my mothers birthday) then the next few days uptill christmas you will probably see me working lots of overtime in Boots.  Not that im complaining, as I love my pay slip after christmas! =P

Heres a quick photo of the day, sporting my mustard yellow shirt!
Ive been totally loving this colour for Autumn and gonna be well sad to say goodbye to all my mustard coloured clothing as winter crunches on. Bye bye yellow and hello creams, whites and reds.

Probably gonna do a blog post next on my autumn favourites! Because then I can show everyone my love for the colours mustard yellow and the deep red burgandy colour (jst painted my nails that colour yesterday actually :P haha). Keep meaning to do this blog post, its just finding the time to picture all the different clothing :/

A quick thank you to my best bud who just recently came back from Hong Kong and brought me back some goodies ^___^

A Vivi magazine and my holy grail bb cream ! He also got me some other bits and pieces aswel that arent with me to take a picture of! Much thanks! <3

Anyways must crack on with some revision! Dont know why im determined to revise tonight, even though im not feeling too well and heads all stuffy, just really wanna get some revision in! Wish me luck y'all! =]

Just thought all my white gadgets looked so pretty together so had to share! haha.

Bye guys! Thanks for dropping bye ^___~

x x x

P.S been totally loving this new game on my ipod touch called "hanging with friends" its a free download and kinda like scrabble! been hooked haha! All those with Iphones, smartphones etc look into it! Promise you will be hooked in no time.

P.P.S Don't know why coloured pens make it so much easier for me to revise?

P.P.P.S Just wanted to have a quick rave about the new Benefit "They're Real" mascara! Onto backup tube now!

P.P.P.P.S New Urban Decay Naked Palette II is coming sooon! soooo excited for this!

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