Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Rings combination of the moment!

Some of you may know/have noticed, I have a crazy obsession with rings (toned down recently as ive been skint =[ ) but yeah I went through a phase in the past of like buying a new ring every week! haha.  For one of my rings that I wanted soo so so badly I even went to like every single topshop I could to try and track it down!  I went to Edinburgh Princes Street, Ocean Terminal, Livingston, Glasgow fort, Buchanan Galleries and crazily I travelled down to Newcastle to look aswel haha. I know, I know .. im crazy.. and the worst part was I still couldnt even find it after all that! haha I found pretty much the exact same ring in Dorothy Perkins though lol.

So yeah back to what this post is actually all about, its just a very quick post just to show you all what ring combination ive been wearing on my hands recently.

Left hand:  Grandad/mafia ring from Miss Selfridge.

Right hand:  My Harry Potter ring (just looks like something out of HP lol, bought from ASOS), my couple ring on the bottom of my middle finger and my angel wing ring on top (both from HK).

Ring storage box, decored myself.  Heres most of my rings, i say most because I always end up losing rings everywhere haha.

My favourite rings of all time =]

Mint green ring: Miss Selfridge (love the colour!)
long gold ring:  The ring featured in the story above that i searched high and low for haha
Harry Potter ring: ASOS
Bunny ring: ASOS
Couple ring: Mong kwok Hong Kong

Theres also one other ring which is my favourite but I couldnt find it :S =[

x x x

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