Friday, 30 December 2011

Perfume Collection

Another obsession of mine... >__< I really have to stop all these bad for purse obsessions =/ .  Anyways part of the obsession probably comes from the fact that my part time job (not chop suey one) is me being surrounded by perfume, I work part time at a perfume counter and so because of this I always know if theres a new perfume out etc and hence this makes me want to buy it.  Bonus of this job is I get to try before I buy =P alot of perfumes that I actually love smell and turn weird with my body temperature/chemistry/not sure what it is and so I would definitely advise everyone to try fragrances out on your skin before diving in there.

Perfumes do actually cost quite alot of money, ranging from £5 to ridiculously high amounts of like £100 odd pounds a bottle.  Most of mine thankfully sit in the middle range of around £30-£40 apart from my holy grail fragrance.

Just to let everyone have a look at the perfumes I have actually paid for and bought (and some of them used up a considerable amount) for myself.  It actually takes alot for me to take the plunge and buy a  new perfume, I always have second thoughts.

From left to right:

1: Hollister brand:  Not sure of the name of this one, but its one of those musky sweet scents that basically all my perfumes smell like.  50ml I got this for around £25 if i remember correctly.

2: Dolce and Gabbana, The One. This one is actually less musk and more sickly sweet, someone said this smelled like bananas :s im not sure what kinda bananas they eat haha. Quite a weird smell I do agree though, I'd take a smell if you get the chance, it is a hate or love one.

3:  Burberry, Brit.  This one smells a little bit unisex and thats why I love it, its a bit different from your usual girly scent, this was a 30ml in a gift set leftover from christmas and with my staff discount I got this for less than £8 haha! bargain! Ive nearly used all this one up and will find a day or two to try and use this up to contribute to my project 10 pan :P

4:  Justin Bieber, Someday.  Obviously I was gonna have to get my hands on this one! I already mentioned it before in my previous blog posts, but this one really is lovely and sweet.  Some celebrity perfumes smell too sweet, fruity and tacky, this one actually is lovely and not too sweet.  I got plenty compliments when I wore this at work one day.  P.s all proceeds go to charity.

5:  Vera Wang, Princess.  It actually took me roughly about 2 years to finally buy this haha.  This is the one that without thinking I always spray on when im at work and have no other 'cravings' its such a sweet vanilla scent.  My work collegue who also works with perfumes did comment on me wearing this and said how vanilla-y this smelt on me and smelled alot better on me than her.  Im not gonna lie this is one of the reasons why I think I actually went ahead and bought it :P.  Girls are a sucker for compliments haha!

6:  Dior Addict 2.  I dont actually know how ive managed to use this up because when I smell it now it smells too citrus-y for my liking.  I know my friend wear this though and it always reminds me of her =] smells great on her, its just weird on me sadly =/.

And lastly, my holy grail (and im sure it is for plenty other girls out there too)

Viktor and Rolf, Flowerbomb.  Has to be the sweetest perfume you will come across.  Ive already gone through a 30ml bottle and this is the bigger 50ml bottle now which I have used almost half of in the space of roughly 6 months.  I do use this pretty much every single day and if I didnt love this one so much I would probably show more love to my other perfumes.  Since getting my hands on this perfume a year and a half ago it has become inseperable, I only reach out to the others when this ones unavailable or I know im staying in, or Im not going anywhere special.  If you get a chance to smell this (or me) do ! haha.

Wow.  Pretty long blog post from me which involved alot of typing which is rare haha.  Hope I havent rambled on too much in this blog and well done to those who didnt give up halfway and are still here. <3

I have smelt alot/most perfumes/aftershaves out in the drugstore if anyone needs help in choosing something Id be more than happy to help. =]

x x x

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Just wanted to share with everyone one of my favourite presents I got for christmas =P

Justin Bieber pens!!! haha apparently from the £1 shop which is an outrage, they are definitely worth more than that >__>



So... im gonna be brave and take part in Project 10 Pan.  For those that arent familiar with the beauty lingo it basically just means I have to use up 10 beauty products before I am allowed to buy anything new. Pretty brave huh!   (note: This does not include clothes, jewellery, accessories etc purely just beauty related) So basically to motivate me im going to keep everyone updated on my blog everytime I finish something up.  I have too many products which I need to use up before I should be buying anything new (im sure all girls are the same but still.. I need to learn to control myelf haha) , however I am going to make an exception to this 10 pan... because I have seen a Lancome gift set that I want my hands on :P and its down to like £13 or something, which is pretty good for Lancome.

So apart from that I shall not be buying anything beauty related, including skincare. =]
However, carmex/lipbalms surely dont count right?

I would love someone to join me in this project.. so... if interested do let me know, we can motivate each other and then go on a massive makeup spree after 10 things have been used up ;)

Just want to say hope everyone had a nice christmas and will have a lovely new years! I actually cant wait for chinese new year! Its always such a lovely time of the year seeing family, recieving red packets and having lots of yummy dinners!

No pictures on this post sadly, I do want to share with everyone my love for the Yankee christmas candles though! I have two of them, the christmas cookie and the christmas cupcake one... both smell amazing!

Recently bought some new jewellery and can't wait to give them a day out soon, maybe on Thursday when I go to my first strip club? or next Wednesday when I wine and dine with my other girl friends? ;)


x x x

Friday, 23 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho

You know what annoys me about santa?
... when he never looks or waves back at me !!!! Everytime we pass him he never looks or waves back =[ really hurts ya know!

On the other hand, I've finished all exams (whether I have passed is another note) and finally bought all the christmas presents I need to which is so unlike me, Im normally still shopping on christmas eve haha.  I guess this year its different because I know im busy tomorrow (<3) so Ive made sure its all done by now.  Theres something so exciting about giving others presents, I actually cant wait till my boyfriend and family open their christmas presents ^___^.

Hope everyone has a nice christmas with their family, friends and loved ones! Its such a great time of the year when everyones cheery and shouting "merry christmas" in the streets (ok maybe not in bathgate, but im sure in nicer areas of the world they do this =P).

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you've been good or santa wont be leaving you much!
Remember the biscuits and warm milk for santa, also the carrot for Rudolph too! =]

x x x

P.S for the girls: recently treated myself to Origins Vitazing, a new scarf, Morrocan Argan Oil and Nars Orgasm blush.   Big thumbs up to the last product, I LOVE it.

P.P.S Loving my new scarf I just bought as pictured below! =]

P.P.P.S Had an amazing early christmas dinner with friends at my friends flat on Wednesday! The only christmas dinner I will be eating this year in terms of like Turkey, gravy etc normally at home my family will just choose to have like steak or something for dinner, we havent actually had like Turkey before.  Anyway thanks to my friends at dinner who put in the effort to cook/make it so successful and thanks to Lisa and Veronica for their christmas presents which I will open on christmas day. <3

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Picture Diary #3

A quick post to share pictures from my recent Newcastle trip!
6th-9th December 2011
Nathan Ho's Birthday at Red Diner
Go Ape Christmas Party
My first time at St Sushi
We got owned by hurricane Bawbag on thursday night.

All and all a very successful trip! Big thanks to those who were all out and made it enjoyable! Big thanks to my best friend Lisa who organised this for her boyfriend and making sure everything was sorted! Big thanks to my boyfriend who drove us all the way down and back up! =]

I hope to be back in Newc soon, or for you all to come up to Scotland soon!

x x x

Festive Season

Heeey guys! The festive season is upon us and I love christmas!! =] with the glitter, sparkly lights and decorations and festive spirit its such a nice atmosphere.  Sadly I have exams until the 20th of this month (which is soo late! darn Edinburgh Uni) so Im not fully like relaxed yet to enjoy the festive spirit (saying that, those of you that know me well also know I dont really get that stressed about exams, I prefer to study the night before haha).

Anyway hope everyones well im just gonna share a few things that I've picked up recently (actually been pretty bad these few weeks and spent alot of money on beauty products haha).

With the Debenhams 15% off sale ( I managed to resist the 10% sale but then when it went upto 15% with free shipping aswel I couldnt resist! haha especially as I wanted to try these products for a while anyway). 

I picked up a lipstick in the colour Hue (nude colour of course, like a better than own lips colour) and also a blush in the colour Melba.

Pleased with both purchases, but unsure of the blush, gonna have to play around with it and see how it works best with my skintone etc.

A new nail polish by Barry M, its their nail effects collection.  Very festive ! haha

Just a quick picture of my current skincare routine. =]

Popped into boots yesterday and picked up a few things.  The 17 marble nail effects nail polish in the colour teal, will post pictures once ive tried it out (can't justify doing my nails atm seeing as I should be revising, saying that I am writing blog posts haha).

Also picked up a collection 2000 eyebrow pencil (retractable ones i prefer because they always are softer than the pencil imo) in the colour blonde.

Lastly my boyfriend bought me a YSL rouge volupte (spelling this off the top of my head here excuse the spelling lol) lipstick in the colour 02. You have no idea how many YSL counters I had to go to to get this badboy! I think it was my 5th counter that actually had it :o.

Just a swatch of the lipstick (nude colour obv) and also the eyebrow pencil.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the festive season and drinking plenty festive starbucks (even though yes I know they contain so so so so many calories, but hey thats why its called holiday weight) and putting up plenty glittery christmas decorations!

I cant wait till my exams are done and I have 2 weeks off uni totally stress free!

Happy holidays people!

x x x