Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My face - day

Here's a post for the girls (and guys that are interested in this too haha) just thought I would share my 'go-to' face products for you.  I only ever really use either one of these products when im getting ready, either my bb cream or this foundation.  Here's why I've chosen these products as my holy grail face products..

Dr Jart BB cream : The rise of bb creams has been frantic and now with European brands bringing out their own versions and trying to jump on the bandwagon.  Tbh I think its too late, well in terms of their products they are already a few years late and thats a major disadvantage.  Where the asian brands are already bringing out bb creams with many different functions and properties, the UK brands are still at basics, and those that know anything about bb creams will know and be disappointed by the performance of the UK ones. 

I've tried a fair amount of bb creams in the past 2 years or so and finally found one that im really happy with! I'm really glad ive finally found 'the one' haha because it gets quite annoying and expensive trying different ones, especially when in the UK its not easy to get a hold of the asian brands, always takes weeks of shipping and extra money for postage =/

So 'the one' for me is this one by the brand Dr Jart.  I first heard of this from a youtube beauty guru with the username Stylesuzi.  She raved on about it in many videos and so I knew when I was in HK for the summer I needed to get my hands on it, and i did.  Bought it in Sasa for around $230 which is like £20, I think thats not bad for a face product, especially when i've been using mine like 5 days out of 7 since August and I still have a good 1/3 of the tube left. So when you think of it as £20 for a face product which lasts half a year its actually quite good value for money.

What made it better than the other bb creams I have previously used is the coverage, the coverage was alot better and as long as i set it with some sort of powder I feel it does stay on my face longer than the other bb creams ive tried.  I also think it has helped with evening any skin discolourations (mind you, dont expect miracles haha ) ever so slightly.

Heres a picture of the packaging and a swatch for you guys.

Just a simple tube packaging, obviously a pump would have been more convenient and hygienic but nothings perfect!

Heres a swatch of when I first put the bb cream on the hand. 

Note: the rest of the hand has red patches on the skin (i was cold haha)

Note II:  I know the colour there looks scary and too pale, but bb creams do normally come in only one or two shades (generally quite light) but they then oxidise and will go darker and look more natural on skin.  I wouldnt really recommend using bb creams on darker skin tones though, as the colour range for bb breams is quite small and will be hard to find a colour to suit yourself.

This is a picture after I rubbed the bb cream into the skin.
Note: skin tone is more even and the red areas concealed.

Hope this has helped those that want to try out bb creams! I have used many other bb creams and would also recommend the skin 79 ones, they are less expensive aswel for those on a budget!

I will hopefully get another blog post up soon talking about my 'go-to' foundation of choice when I need higher coverage and when I know its going to be a long day or special occasions =].

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