Saturday, 12 November 2011

Week ending 12th November

A week today was bonfires night! I did go and watch a firework display and it was soooo pretty! Im so glad I did go watch the small display (already missed first half haha) and finale!

The only good picture I got on the night, its surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of fireworks in the sky with a crappy camera (taken on Ipod touch).

Its a sad day when you plan to go shopping and intend on spending some money, but then you come home with three "not fun" products. To me I had in mind of buying a new winter jacket, new clothes or even some new expensive makeup or skincare product lol.  Instead I left Edinburgh Fort with these three necessity products. 

Side note: Just to say how much I love the Aussie hair products! They were on offer for BOGOF (buy one get one free) in Superdrug! =]  AND AND AND they have brought out these new bigger bottled shampoos and conditioners (as pictured above).  As I was buying the bigger bottles I got them both for £5.99 which is quite a good deal I think.

As for the Elnett hairspray, this is a good buy for those that don't like the "granny smell" from the original Elnett.  The one actually just smells like a normal hair product kinda smell but is just as good as the original.

Had to resort to sleeping pills to sleep at the start of this week (and may be on them tonight too) to help me sleep.  I actually don't know what it is =/ but I get tired and feel sleepy, but then I get into bed and can't actually fall asleep.  It gets sooooo frustrating!
These are just for short term use though so I won't be using them when it can be avoided!

My boyfriend also bought me the new Justin Bieber perfume called "Someday" haha. To the JB fans its obviously going to smell amazing as JB says its for "his fans that he can't get enough of" (i,e me!) and the proceeds actually go to charity!
So... what's not to like? It smells nice , sweet and flowery AND your money goes to charity!

When I was wearing this at work the other day I actually got so many compliments and people asking me what perfume I had on. Obviously I was cheesing and tempted to say it was my natural aroma.. but I stopped myself haha.

Last but not least, this week I have started watching this drama again! Ive seen it before in the past, but really wanted to watch it again and im already hooked after watching 9 episodes or so! Me and my boyfriend finished watching another drama (the one where Raymond Lam is a super cool, geeky guy called Professor King) and wanted to move onto something else, so here it is !

This drama is sooo tense, even from the start lol can't wait till it gets even better!

Hope everyone else has had a good week!
x x x

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