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Quite literally.  Just a quick post showing which products I have been loving and abusing so much that they have "hit pan" (basically used so much you can see the bottom of the packaging) or almost used up.  It actually takes me a while to actually FINISH a product up so hitting pan is already a big thing for me! Im constantly buying new makeup and old favourites always gets neglected! SO BAD!

Anyways on with the products now...

From left: L'oreal Superliner in black, Two Faced Shadow Insurance, Benefit Eyebright, Revlon 
 precision eyelash glue.

L'Oreal Superliner

This eyeliner seriously never runs out! I have literally had this for over two years (I know thats kinda gross, all the germs blah blah blah) and finally its getting a little on the dry side so I think its onto its last days.  If you are looking for a easy to use black liquid liner I would definitely recommend this one! This is a definite repurchase for me!  L'Oreal also do a liquid liner which is more in a pen shape which is great for beginners in the liquid lining department.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance

This is again another staple in my makeup bag, I use this pretty much daily, sometimes even twice a day if I am going out at night and doing my makeup again.  This is again a great investment, you may think the initial £17 or so is expensive for an eye shadow primer but seriously this makes the cheapest and crappiest quality eyeshadow work like an expensive one.  I rely on this to keep my eyemakeup looking and fresh all day so it doesnt crease or fade etc!  This one tube has lasted me around a year so far so really its great value for money as you only need a tiny amount for both eyes! For more oily lids the Urban Decay Primer Potion is supposed to be better.  Ive used both but personally I tend to reach for this one more!

Benefit Eye Bright

I wish the lighting was good enough for me to swatch this for you guys! Its the most perfect nude/pale pink colour for either putting on your waterline to make your eyes look wider and more awake or for brightening the inner corners of the eye (this is generally what I use it for).  This colour looks alot more natural than using a white eyeliner in the water line as this is more of a flesh colour, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to a white eyeliner.  Its also great for highlighting on the brow bone to add definition to the eyes! Definite multi-tasker!

Revlon Precision Lash Glue

Right, you guys must be so sick of hearing me say the word "staple" but seriously all these products really are haha! Again after using this lash glue I wont be returning to using the crappy lash glue which comes with eyelashes, this is miles better! I have cried, walked in rain, slept overnight with this glue on for my fake lashes and its survived it all! No joke.  I will probably be trying out the new black coloured glue version next though as it may save the whole ... lining the lash line after applying lashes fiasco!

Urban Decay Naked Palette, Revlon Matte eyeshadow in Sable(009), Bodyshop Bronzer in Light Matte and Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light Plus.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This has the be the best eyeshadow palette I have ever come across/bought/used.  This was the palette which got me in the habit of using eyeshadow on a daily basis (some may think thats a good thing, some may think its bad) and I can't thank Urban Decay enough for this magnificent product!  As you may see from the picture above I have heavily abused the first half of the palette and barely touched the second half, this is because I feel the second half of colours are more suited towards night time looks and the first half of colours I use on a daily basis.  The colours I use the most is NAKED, SIN and BUCK.  The three combined is the perfect everyday light smokey eye!  I have got my eye on the Naked II palette and probably will purchase that in the future, Im just scared its not as great as this one?  

Has anyone else tried both? Whats your thoughts?

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Sable

This product seriously has lasted me 3 years and I have only just hit pan.  This is what I use daily to line my lower lash line, its alot more natural than eyeliner and black eyeshadow and the perfect colour to add definition yet not be too much.  If you guys have a longer shaped face I would really recommend you guys try using a matte brown eyeshadow to line the lower lashes which will give the illusion of bigger eyes therefore make the face seem not as long.  Revlon also has many different colours in the matte formulations if you guys want a good recommendation for drugstore eyeshadows!

The Bodyshop Bronzer in Light Matte

If your pale skinned and looking for a good bronzer which won't make you look orange then look no further! This is great for pale skinned girls or guys out there! This is the first bronzer I have ever hit pan on so it must be special.  I love how it can also be built up for a more defined contour if you fancy (not really for me, I am seriously bad at contouring sadly) .  They also have a darker bronzer if your darker skinned aswel! 

MAC mineralize skin finish natural in Light Plus

Firstly just to let you guys know the colour Light Plus means it is between Light and Light/Medium :)  .  I really enjoy this powder to set my foundation without making it look cakey! I have definitely neglected all my other loose powders since using this baby and I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.  I have to say it probably is'nt a great product for people with really oily skin as it doesn't really control oil that much.  It can also be used on its own as it does provide light coverage for  those lucky girls and guys with great skin already (MEGA JEL). 

So you will probably be glad to know thats the end of my blog post now, sorry for the picture quality I will try and get hold of a better camera soon to take some better snaps and swatches for you guys! Next post will probably be a review on some new items ive been trying out lately so keep eyes out for that!

Until next time, take care!


P.S Sorry I've been kinda MIA for a while but im back and ready to rumble!

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