Saturday, 5 May 2012


Oh such an original post title. I know. Please forgive me, the brain has been frazzled and fried trying to remember notes, quotes and names that I hadn't learned when I was supposed to *cough* during term time*cough*.  

I know I have been neglecting my blog recently as it is (sorry for that too) and all will change when these blasted exams are done and dusted.  

To keep you going I've just got a few very studious pictures to share :P.  Im sure you will enjoy!

Before I start studying

During studying

Still going strong


The aftermath.

P.S  Seriously, I procrastinate so much it is unreal.  I do things that I never normally do, like, try record youtube videos, do my nails (immaculately that is, everyday life nails are a very slap dash job), make endless amounts of drinks to 'keep me hydrated', update my blog (like now) and watch youtube videos of how to be a thrifty Mrs!  Now the latter is just an unusual doing of its own, Im neither thrifty nor a Mrs haha but within the last week I've discovered how useful vinegar is in the household, along with other tricks to take out stains or clean bathrooms.  The future husband better appreciate this!


  1. Loving the new hair! I too am procrastinating by reading blogs and I'm even contemplating an update?! :O hehe

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