Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Accessories of the day!

Now theres something different for you guys! =P So today is actually a very normal day and I was actually at work for most of it, however I did have the inspiration to dress a little less bleh and more yay so heres a few bits and pieces I came up with.  The outfit itself was very boring i.e A navy blue batwing shirt with vest top underneath and a pair of grey jeggins and black ankle boots.  Nothing special.  Heres where the magic happens...

My hair was screaming BORING! So I added a headband (which i normally actually wear as a necklace) to vamp it up a bit.  The ring was from Primark, a lovely armour ring that wasnt ridiculously overprices *cough* Topshop *cough*.  Lastly was just some collar tips so I could get away without wearing a necklace (not practical for working).

So all in all I was actually quite happy with my outfit today and would probably wear this out to somewhere a bit more special soon , ya know give it some loving and less chop suey smelling! Haha those of you that are chinese and work in a takeaway will know exactly what I mean.

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  1. where did u get the collar tips? ive been searching for them for ages! xx

  2. omg i love the collar tips! where are they from? :]


  3. I love the accesories, especially the ring, the detail is stunning! keep up the blog - shall we follow eachother?
    pop by -

    :) xx

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  5. dont know if you guys get a notification for this reply haha but I got the collar tips off ASOS. They actually had a cowboy boot attatched but one of them broke off so I broke the other side off too so now they are plain :) x

  6. Love the collar tips, they add so much edge to the outfit.

  7. Your ring is so beautiful ! :D
    Turtle <3

  8. very cute collar tips, They make simple shirts look expensive.