Monday, 26 March 2012

OOTD ft double denim

Just got inspiration to do a quick outfit of the day as todays weather was so AWESOME!
This outfit is nothing special but it is the first time I have sported double denim and also a bright pink lip to bring the whole outfit to life a little bit more.  I think the pink lips just adds a pop of colour to an otherwise quite bland colour palette im wearing. Enjoy!

My Yesstyle Boots <3

 Nail of the day! Inspired by the movie 'Up'.  The blue sky and balloons in the air.

Tried to add a close up picture in to get a closer look of the bright lip I was sporting. 
Will be wearing this lip colour all through spring/summer now!

P.S Just wanted to say sorry for the rigid/stiff posing I am not a natural when it comes to full length photographs and as I do more of these OOTD posts I will hopefully get better! 

Hope everyones had a chance to enjoy the amazing sunshine today! The sun always puts me in a good mood and now I have to go back to doing essay work =[ tempted to take a cider into the back garden and 'work' there!


  1. Cute outfit! Love love love your nails too! xx

  2. love the outfit! i love denim, especially denim shirts... something so fresh yet edgy about them :)
    the bright lip is super fun! makes me want to play with my bright lippies ^-^

  3. Nice nails! I love the double denim combo! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! If you look at my ombre post I shared a link to a youtube video that shows you the steps! Hope that helps. good luck :)

  4. I went for the double denim look this weekend and actually felt good in it, never thought I would!!
    BTW your rather beautiful