Saturday, 24 March 2012

One for the boys and girls.

Product Rave

Hallo guys! Its been a while since I last posted and I don't really know why lol, just lost motivation and I am currently procastinating TTM! Hope everyones been well and I hope I start finish this god damn essay soon!

Anyways moving onto the main point of this blog post (other than letting people know I am still alive) I have a new found shower lover and wipe those dirty thought outta your minds because this thing is the furthest from dirty you could get. Literally. 


Boots Expert build up removal shampoo. 

Seriously guys and girls this stuff is what you need in your life if you:
- Regularly use product in hair i.e hair wax, gel , clay, hairspray, mousse etc
- Feel like your hair is never fully clean
- Have hair that feels weighed down even after you have washed it
- Want squeaky clean, weightless hair!

Now I would recommend using a silicone free conditioner if you normally put conditioner all over your head (i.e roots and ends and everything inbetween), if you just condition the ends of your hair then you can keep using your normal conditioner and if your a guy I dont even think you need conditioner after using this as my boyfriend used this and his hair was super soft without conditioner (his hair is normal-dry I would say).

I know my boyfriend loves this shampoo because it really makes it feel super clean after using hair product every day and also from working.  I would only recommend using this product once a week in order to get maximum results from this ( I also assume that it can be quite drying on the hair and it strips your hair from all the extra silicones that some conditioners leave in your hair).

Even though I dont use much hair products in my own hair I still see amazing results from this shampoo as my hair (and most asian hair) is quite fine and can get weighed down pretty easily by heavy/rich shampoo and conditioners.


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