Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lancome Hypnose Star Review

Right, it's a rave guys! Now I am normally not one for buying high end mascaras (well, Benefit 'They're Real' is the only exception) I just do not see a point in paying £20+ for a mascara when drugstore brands delivered similar results.  Now, Lancome Hypnose Star is a total exception.  I would repurchase this mascara without a doubt when I run out. Normally with drugstore mascaras I need to layer two different ones on top of each other, I will use a lengthening one first (such as L'Oreal volume million lashes) then add another mascara on top which volumises and thickens (such as Revlon Grow Luscious).  With the Hynose Star I didnt need to layer another mascara before or after, all it takes is two coats (or three, when you want the spidery legs effect) and I am good to go! This is definitely the as close to perfect mascara I have ever tried.

Now, in terms of price this mascara retails for around £21.  I bought mine in a medium-large sized Boots store (obviously Boots as I get discount).  I think this mascara is totally worth its price, I mean as I mentioned before I had to use two mascaras anyway to get the desired effect and those two mascaras added together comes to around £20+ anyway.  So really I am paying the same amount for my mascara right?

For those wondering how this one compares to the other mascaras in the Hypnose range then all I can say is I have only tried the Doll Eyes and the original Hypnose.  The Star is MILES better.  No joke.

Here is the evidence to support my claims:
 As you can see my own lashes are pretty short and sparse (damn you Asian genes!) and are not very noticeable at all =[
This is after applying two coats of mascara, (I have also lined my upper water line aswel, sorry guys, should have not done that to get a clearer view) you can see my lashes are now..VISIBLE and look pretty good to me. =]

One side of the brush is flat and the other is shaped like the Doll Eyes brush, tapering in like a cone shape.  This allows you to rotate the brush depending on what you want to do, for me I use the flat side (bottom picture) first to define, lengthen and seperate lashes, then use the tapered shape to add volume and thicken.

All in all, a great mascara! Hope you guys have found this review helpful.  In the UK this mascara is only availible in the colour Black but I am sure in the future they will bring out more colours as the demand for it gets higher.

Any questions feel free to ask =]

Thanks for reading!


P.S have you noticed the picture quality is ALOT better? I used a better camera for this and think it really makes a difference.

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