Wednesday, 28 December 2011


So... im gonna be brave and take part in Project 10 Pan.  For those that arent familiar with the beauty lingo it basically just means I have to use up 10 beauty products before I am allowed to buy anything new. Pretty brave huh!   (note: This does not include clothes, jewellery, accessories etc purely just beauty related) So basically to motivate me im going to keep everyone updated on my blog everytime I finish something up.  I have too many products which I need to use up before I should be buying anything new (im sure all girls are the same but still.. I need to learn to control myelf haha) , however I am going to make an exception to this 10 pan... because I have seen a Lancome gift set that I want my hands on :P and its down to like £13 or something, which is pretty good for Lancome.

So apart from that I shall not be buying anything beauty related, including skincare. =]
However, carmex/lipbalms surely dont count right?

I would love someone to join me in this project.. so... if interested do let me know, we can motivate each other and then go on a massive makeup spree after 10 things have been used up ;)

Just want to say hope everyone had a nice christmas and will have a lovely new years! I actually cant wait for chinese new year! Its always such a lovely time of the year seeing family, recieving red packets and having lots of yummy dinners!

No pictures on this post sadly, I do want to share with everyone my love for the Yankee christmas candles though! I have two of them, the christmas cookie and the christmas cupcake one... both smell amazing!

Recently bought some new jewellery and can't wait to give them a day out soon, maybe on Thursday when I go to my first strip club? or next Wednesday when I wine and dine with my other girl friends? ;)


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