Thursday, 15 December 2011

Festive Season

Heeey guys! The festive season is upon us and I love christmas!! =] with the glitter, sparkly lights and decorations and festive spirit its such a nice atmosphere.  Sadly I have exams until the 20th of this month (which is soo late! darn Edinburgh Uni) so Im not fully like relaxed yet to enjoy the festive spirit (saying that, those of you that know me well also know I dont really get that stressed about exams, I prefer to study the night before haha).

Anyway hope everyones well im just gonna share a few things that I've picked up recently (actually been pretty bad these few weeks and spent alot of money on beauty products haha).

With the Debenhams 15% off sale ( I managed to resist the 10% sale but then when it went upto 15% with free shipping aswel I couldnt resist! haha especially as I wanted to try these products for a while anyway). 

I picked up a lipstick in the colour Hue (nude colour of course, like a better than own lips colour) and also a blush in the colour Melba.

Pleased with both purchases, but unsure of the blush, gonna have to play around with it and see how it works best with my skintone etc.

A new nail polish by Barry M, its their nail effects collection.  Very festive ! haha

Just a quick picture of my current skincare routine. =]

Popped into boots yesterday and picked up a few things.  The 17 marble nail effects nail polish in the colour teal, will post pictures once ive tried it out (can't justify doing my nails atm seeing as I should be revising, saying that I am writing blog posts haha).

Also picked up a collection 2000 eyebrow pencil (retractable ones i prefer because they always are softer than the pencil imo) in the colour blonde.

Lastly my boyfriend bought me a YSL rouge volupte (spelling this off the top of my head here excuse the spelling lol) lipstick in the colour 02. You have no idea how many YSL counters I had to go to to get this badboy! I think it was my 5th counter that actually had it :o.

Just a swatch of the lipstick (nude colour obv) and also the eyebrow pencil.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the festive season and drinking plenty festive starbucks (even though yes I know they contain so so so so many calories, but hey thats why its called holiday weight) and putting up plenty glittery christmas decorations!

I cant wait till my exams are done and I have 2 weeks off uni totally stress free!

Happy holidays people!

x x x

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