Friday, 23 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho

You know what annoys me about santa?
... when he never looks or waves back at me !!!! Everytime we pass him he never looks or waves back =[ really hurts ya know!

On the other hand, I've finished all exams (whether I have passed is another note) and finally bought all the christmas presents I need to which is so unlike me, Im normally still shopping on christmas eve haha.  I guess this year its different because I know im busy tomorrow (<3) so Ive made sure its all done by now.  Theres something so exciting about giving others presents, I actually cant wait till my boyfriend and family open their christmas presents ^___^.

Hope everyone has a nice christmas with their family, friends and loved ones! Its such a great time of the year when everyones cheery and shouting "merry christmas" in the streets (ok maybe not in bathgate, but im sure in nicer areas of the world they do this =P).

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you've been good or santa wont be leaving you much!
Remember the biscuits and warm milk for santa, also the carrot for Rudolph too! =]

x x x

P.S for the girls: recently treated myself to Origins Vitazing, a new scarf, Morrocan Argan Oil and Nars Orgasm blush.   Big thumbs up to the last product, I LOVE it.

P.P.S Loving my new scarf I just bought as pictured below! =]

P.P.P.S Had an amazing early christmas dinner with friends at my friends flat on Wednesday! The only christmas dinner I will be eating this year in terms of like Turkey, gravy etc normally at home my family will just choose to have like steak or something for dinner, we havent actually had like Turkey before.  Anyway thanks to my friends at dinner who put in the effort to cook/make it so successful and thanks to Lisa and Veronica for their christmas presents which I will open on christmas day. <3

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